Tricycles Run Against Traffic

10:49 Dec 4 2012 Basak Public Market crossing Masulog/Sudtunggan


I almost got into an accident yesterday morning at around 7am in Basak Market. I was waiting on a queue to turn left to Masulog from Marigondon following 2 other vehicles. As we are signaled to turn left by the traffic aid, out of nowhere, there were 3 tricyles trying to overtake my car turning left as well to Masulog. They are literally driving on the other side of the road. I was not expecting something like that since we were on queue to turn left in the middle of the road. I am asking Lapu-lapu traffic to strictly implement traffic rules. These tricycle drivers have no respect to other drivers and all they think are themselves. I am trying to drive as careful enough to avoid accidents but these tricycle drivers doesn't care at all.
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